The company

Signage and Equipment for Natural Surroundings PROARTE is a consolidated company in the forefront of the sector, leading the market in the signage of hiking routes and paths. A track record dating back and great professional expertise backed by the recognition of official bodies and private entities from all over Spain, Portugal and the Principality of Andorra make up the company’s visiting card. In addition, it is currently in the process of expanding.

Its understanding of the market and the sector, as well as the experience accumulated in the course of its professional history, has enabled PROARTE to take on practically any project, offering a global vision and solutions adapted to the needs of every client. Strongly convinced of the advantages of specialization and innovation, the company practices responsible sustainability.

PROARTE works to establish and maintain strong and permanent ties with its clients, suppliers and workforce. It currently has an extensive and experienced human team capable of responding and adapting to any market demand; a motivated and engaged team with the maximum priority of continuous evolution. Our facilities, covering more than 7,000 m2, are equipped with the most advanced technical means and the resources necessary to cope with work on any scale.

Offering a service of proximity and quality with the maximum guarantee has always been a fundamental pillar in the company’s policy; taking care of the finishes on the parts and the therapeutic of materials. In short, a modern, flexible company when it comes to responding to orders, taking care of its product design and making quality an intrinsic part of its working methods.


Hard work, motivation and commitment to clients and users has been the fundamental pillar enabling and sustaining the company’s growth. Our commitment to them has been a top priority in the commercial policy and has marked the line to be traced when meeting their needs and helping them have a pleasant experience with the brand.

Values such as specialization, innovation and responsible sustainability are its hallmark. Effort and enthusiasm for advancing have enabled us to exceed day by day the expectation created in our clients.

A passion for detail

Logotipo de la Asociación para la Certificación Española Forestal

Committed to the environment

Strongly committed to the environment, the company’s work philosophy and expertise have led it to work with top quality raw materials, turning wood and metal into an exclusive guarantee for clients.

PROARTE guarantees that the timber we use in the manufacture of all its products is PEFC certified to show that it comes from forests certified as being managed responsibly and sustainably. As an additional option, clients are offered the possibility to have their products manufactured in recycled plastic material.

Efficacy from the drawing board to installation

  • Consultancy

    The engineers and architects study the project or idea, assess its feasibility and draw up the design of the product or structure.

  • Selection of materials

    Once the first phase has been completed, the next step is the selection of the best raw materials for the manufacture of the items ordered.

  • Manufacture

    Based on the proposals contained in the design phase and using appropriate materials, the production teams rolls its sleeves up to get everything ready within the deadlines agreed.

  • Transport and installation

    The work is completed with the transportation of the items and their subsequent installation in situ.